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If it comes to fast inline inspection, shape matching or robot vision, ShapeDrive is your choice. We were involved in numerous challenging projects over the past years and solved them sucessfully together with our customers. Our components and systems increase the degree of automation and enable 100% quality control. You can rely on our technology and application know-how.

QC metal working

For a leading German automotive manufacturer we have realized a test system for metal sheets.

Shape Control

We are currently working on an inline system for a large automotive manufacturer.

Car Interior

For a first tier supplier we did a project to identify leather sheets by analyzing the topography of the material. 

Piston dimensional control

For a piston manufacturer we checked the dimensional stability of a new line of pistons. 

Zero defects Production

A system integrator conducted a project to verify the seating of a robot mounted connector.

Character identification of ID plates

By utilizing a ShapeDrive sensor a systemintegrator developed a system to measure the punching depth of car ID plates. 

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