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21st century manufacturing trends like increasing miniaturization, increasing degree of automation and quality claim for quantitative and fast inline inspection systems. ShapeDrive brings together highest precsion and high processing speed. Non-contact, three dimensional and cost efficient.

Consumer electronics manufacturing

The demand for quality in consumer electronics is increasing constantly. Together with a system integrator we conducted a project to increase the fitting accuracy of tablet PC components. 

Raw diamond volume determination

We deliver systems to determine the volume of coated raw diamonds to a leading diamond processing manufacturer.

Shoe production

Traditional glues containg organic solvents become less important due to environmental aspects. One problem is that comparable solvent free glues only work at higher temperatures and must be processed by robots. For a large shoe maker we are realizing a 3D processing system to improve robot guiding solvent free glue dispensing at high temperatures. 

Cutting inserts testing

A large tooling manufacturer uses ShapeDrive sensors for inline inspection of indexable inserts.

Smart card production

A Swiss system integrator checks the volume of dispensed glue points for smart cards.


For a manufacturer of air blade turbines we presented a concept with 6 Sensors to determine the shape of blisks produced with laser sintering, capable of full testing within a minute.

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