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ShapeDrive is a leading manufacturer of components, systems and solutions for optical 3D coordinate measuring technologies and inspection. We focus on industrial, research and medical applications.

Our components combine the features of a complete 3D processing system with the advantages of a simple-to-use industrial camera. They can be operated in 2D and 3D mode.
In addition our components can easily be integrated into automation applications. All our components are delivered with standardized interfaces (GigE or USB3) and all software components necessary for integration. An extensive choice of software interfaces helps to integrate the component into standard software packages.
For metrology applications we provide complete software packages.
Our systems deliver 3D data of highest quality at the push of a button. Together with our customers we build tailored solutions with a high degree of efficiency.
Our legendary customer focus assures the success of each project.


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Munich, 11-Apr. 2016 - ShapeDrive now officially provides a new line of high performance structured light scanners.  33 different models are available covering a dimensional range from 32x20mm up to 600x400mm and acquisition speeds up to 22Hz.  ShapeDrive's CEO Dr. Rottenkolber says: "With the new G3 series we can offer the broadest range of structured light scanners world wide, some models even have real time capabilities. In contrast to other suppliers we always put an emphasis on open standards, i.e. the sensors can be easily integrated into almost any applications and software platforms ranging from scientific to industrial to medical technology."

Trade shows

ShapeDrive G3 Sensors will be exhibited at:

  • Control 2017, Stuttgart, May 09-12
    Hall 3, booth 3515.

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  • Vision 2016, Stuttgart, Nov 08-10
  • EuroBLECH 2016, Hannover, Oct 25-29
  • Automatica 2016, Munich, June 21-24
  • NewTech 2016, Tel Aviv, May 17-18
  • Boston Vision Show 2016, May 3-5
  • Control 2016, Stuttgart, Apr 26-29



"We are stunned how fast the new scanner is. With our G3-360-500N  we have 160ms acquisition + processing time and get 300k points at 30 microns accuracy levels." German Automotive customer

"With the new G3 and an optimized robot loading system we can reduce part inspection time to less than 30 seconds". German Automotive customer

"We decided for the new G3 because of the low latency time between acquisition and accessable point cloud data. This is essential for our closed loop patient tracking". German Medical Engineering customer 

"ShapeDrive has an excellent customer support. I like the easy-to-integrate software." German first tier automotive supplier

"We were looking for a 3D digitizing system that was affordable and works with Matlab, Python and other applications. ShapeDrive was our first choice". German Technical University

"We have to equip several work places with fast non contact digitizers. ShapeDrive provides fast, affordable and accurate results". German Automotive Customer.


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