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Maximum flexibility

Our sensors can be integrated into your application in different ways. The sensor comes with the SDPlayer, a tool that allows you to quickly acquire point clouds. We can provide a shape-matching module that allows you to compare the point cloud to a reference CAD model. Point clouds can be exported in various formats.

For more complex applications we deliver software interfaces for image processing software manufacturers and our own SDK.  


The SDPlayer is a tool to acquire and visualize the pointcloud. It allows you to control the sensors' parameters. The point cloud can be saved in various formats. 2D and 3D data are available at the same time.


A well documented and exhaustive SDK is included in each sensor shipment. 

COM interface

With the COM interface the sensor can be integrated into any .NET, Matlab and National Instruments applications.

Halcon Interface

Your ShapeDrive based applications can be implemented with HALCON. ShapeDrive is an acquisition partner of MVTec.

Metrology Software

Upon request we can deliver various plug-ins for metrology software, e.g. 3DSystems/Geomagic, Polyworks and 3D Reshaper. 

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